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Third “Forge In” day

The weekend of the 11th and 12th of September saw the third “Forge In” at the Blacksmiths guild at Westpoint in Devon. John Bellamy once again took a varied group of Smiths through a couple of demonstrations followed by some problem solving and a chance to get dirty on any subject the smiths chose. Special tooling was discussed and made; ideas mooted and then dissected till any problems real or imagined were solved. In all it was a very fun and enjoyable weekend. I took a few random Photographs of the event, hope you like them.

John Bellamy


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Camelford Show


Troll Spindle Forge has just attended it’s first “event” which took place on a bright and breezy day just outside Camelford.

Armed with items specially made for the show we met many people we already know and alot more that we didn’t. The general feeling of warmth and support we were given confirmed that Troll Spindle is going to be well received in the coming years.

Thank you to all those that came to see us, both for your support and your custom.

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The Blacksmiths Guild

The Blacksmiths Guild is an organisation dedicated to training, developing and promoting the traditional Blacksmiths Craft. The Guild has recently started running a biannual event for Smiths to meet and swap ideas in an informal setting while watching demonstrations from some of the specialists in their fields.

I have been fortunate enough to attend both of the two events staged so far and am looking forward to the next event due to take place in September.

Dave Budd explains basic Knife making

Hard at work

pre bend before bevels are formed

The basic shape

After hardening and Tempering

One of the Westpoint Hearths

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