Camelford Show


Troll Spindle Forge has just attended it’s first “event” which took place on a bright and breezy day just outside Camelford.

Armed with items specially made for the show we met many people we already know and alot more that we didn’t. The general feeling of warmth and support we were given confirmed that Troll Spindle is going to be well received in the coming years.

Thank you to all those that came to see us, both for your support and your custom.


The Blacksmiths Guild is an organisation dedicated to training, developing and promoting the traditional Blacksmiths Craft. The Guild has recently started running a biannual event for Smiths to meet and swap ideas in an informal setting while watching demonstrations from some of the specialists in their fields.

I have been fortunate enough to attend both of the two events staged so far and am looking forward to the next event due to take place in September.

Dave Budd explains basic Knife making

Hard at work

pre bend before bevels are formed

The basic shape

After hardening and Tempering

One of the Westpoint Hearths

The walls and woodwork have had a coat of paint and the outside has had a major tidy up and landscaping. We have new paths and the vehicle access is now mostly hard and useable, though I do still need to sort the weeds out.

Forge from the front

Nice new path

The Hearth is coming along nicely too, fashioned from a decommissioned diesel oil tank, with a fabricated Tuyer and a stand of blocks the bed is four feet square.

Test fitting theTuyer

Add the sand and some fire bricks and we have the start of the HearthSand and bricks

One of the joys of Blacksmithing is rescuing old and unloved tools and putting them back to work, this old pillar drill was bought from an auction site for the princely sum of one whole pound sterling it will never cost a penny in electricity, and only needs fixing to a sturdy bench to be earning its keep once again.   Hummmm, I need to be thinking about sturdy benches soon then…

With most of the internal walls removed and the electrics installed, it’s time to start moving some of the tools and equipment into their new home…

It’s surprising just how much space there is now that the walls are down, but I know that I’ll soon fill every corner with rust coloured treasures..

This was my first look at what is to become the home of Troll Spindle Forge, an old tin shed, complete with two Pigs. This rather unpromising looking building will undergo the transformation from Pigsty to Blacksmiths Forge over the coming months, with almost no expenses allowed  to do the work, this will be an epic exercise in mend and make do, that will warm the heart of any ardent self sufficient enthusiast on a tight budget, and as a proud Yorkshireman I can do tight like the best of em…

The forge is situated at Adamsfield Fishery and holiday cottages, Tremain, Nr Launceston, Cornwall PL15 8UD where the owners Elaine and Roger Pooley have done absolutely sterling work getting the place ready for me to move in. They have in the space of just a few short weeks managed to demolish internal walls, move doors, wire electrics and landscape the outside. I owe them a huge thank you for all their hard work.